16. – 19.5. in Vienna



Coquette Jazz Band

The Coquette Jazz Band is the newest striking phenomenon from jazz world of Vienna.
They already performed on several of Europe’s leading festivals like the Jazzland in Vienna or the Jazz Capital Festival in Kecskemét. Thanks to the popular melodies the band can be a great introduction for jazz newcomers and with their experiences and finely tuned sound an impressive showcase to please long-time fans of the music.

The main profile of the ensemble became the 1930s 1940s danceable swing music and the sound of the Dixieland “revival” era. Their goal is to bring joy to the audience by bringing back the music of the Golden-age of jazz, therefore, you can find many famous songs and arrangements by Fats Waller, John Kirby, Bix Beiderbecke or Duke Ellington. You might as well find something new at their performances since they are not afraid of coming up with their own arrangements, ideas.
Picture by Lucija Novak.

Rakugaki Swingerclub

Under the musical direction of bassist Philipp Moosbrugger, a handpicked selection of internationally renowned jazz musicians sometimes becomes the RAKUGAKI SWINGER CLUB, to celebrate their love for the seething swing of the 1910s to the 40s.


Belle Affaire

Belle Affaire is a jazz ensemble around Werner Dorfmeister based in Vienna which is stilistically orientated but not strictly confined to the Music of Django Reinhardts Hot Club.

The music of our choice is a vibrant blend of swinging tunes from the 1920s to 1940s covering a wide range from Gypsy Swing to Jazz Standards and swinging Chansons. The songs are served with infectious Gypsy style rhythm and partly french lyrics.

We replaced the drums with a rhythm guitar which is played using the distinct percussive Gypsy Jazz strumming technique known as “la pompe”. Together with the bass it provides the rhythmic drive behind the music and gives it its fast swinging feel facilitating lead guitar, clarinet and vocals. We love the natural twangling, clinking and twinkling of our instruments, so we aim for an acoustic sound even when playing amplified.

The Thrill Seekers

Look no further for Vienna’s most thrilling new swing sensation: THE THRILL SEEKERS!
Dedicated to bringing you an authentic vintage jazz sound, their energy and pure joy are infectious and makes them irresistable to any pair of dancing feet.

This all-female band features some of Austria’s top jazz musicians, hand-picked and led by vocalist Clara Montocchio: Anna Tsombanis (sax), Julia Siedl (piano), Victoria Kirilova (bass), Rafaela Fries (drums).