16. – 19.5. in Vienna


Alexia Legoueix & Martynas Stonys

Alexia Legoueix & Martynas Stonys will teach Lindy Hop

Martynas Stonys

Martynas Stonys is a leader in the Lithuanian swing dance scene. He combines fun, great teaching, dance technique and helps you enjoy dancing more than ever! Martynas is one of the founders of What a Jazz (formerly know as Hoppers’ Dance Studio), which is famous for producing new Lindy Hop talents and some incredible viral dance videos on the internet.

“My one and most important goal of every class I teach is to make sure my students have great time, so they want to come back for the next one. They can’t improve if they don’t come back. I always try to make classes fun, starting with something basic, so less experienced students can catch up, and then adding more advanced movements and variations, so everyone learns something new.”

“I always make sure both leaders and followers receive the same amount of attention. Lindy Hop is a dance for two people. It is so much more fun when both partners are dancing, and not just leading or following.”

Alexia Legoueix

Alexia was rescued by swing dancing in 2005, when she was about to engage into standard competition dancing. Attending her first Herrang in 2007, she has since travelled the world to learn more about the dance, its origins, and jazz in general.

With a background in Ballet, jazz and contemporary dancing, she mostly gets interests in african rhythm based dances… also learning percussions and drums in the process. That would explain why rhythm stays so important to her, and the core of her dancing.

When teaching, besides rhythm, she will really emphasis on the role of the follower in the partnership, as well as how to share a common musical ground with your partner… while still being yourself !

(Photo credit: Dancers Only)

Alexia & Martynas Lindy Hop

Rudolf & Tiphaine Wolfsgruber-Paillard

Rudolf and Tiphaine have joined forces to spread their love for Balboa in 2012. Rudi is known in the swing world for his creative enthusiasm, playful improvisation, and solid technique, and Tiph for her elegant flow, smooth connection, and sound quality of movement.

Social dancing has always been a main focus of theirs and you can frequently spot them on various dance floors around the world. They also compete and regularly end up in finals and on the podiums.

Together, they strive to push their limits, perpetually improve, share their passion, and hopefully inspire and infect their students with the Bal bug..